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What if there were a way we could not only go carbon-neutral for the atmosphere, but take that carbon and put it to good use in our land & soil? It’s called carbon sequestration, and we’re using it to give yards a strong foundation in which life can grow and thrive.

Combat climate change while making your lawn look great! Our approach helps your soil store more water, giving you a deep-rooted grass that’s greener in appearance and for the environment! Take the Carbon-Positive, environmentally friendly approach to lawns & green space.

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Carbon Positive Lawn Care

Maintaining An Eco-Friendly Lawn

Climate change is an important global issue, the impact of which will continue to grow in the years to come. Organically treated lawns can help reduce potential pollution from non-organic lawn products and can also help sequester carbon. With proper lawn maintenance, you can reduce the amount of fertilizer that you use, decrease the amount of water spent on maintaining your lawn, and can “cut down” on mowing your lawn.

Organic fertilizers are better for the overall health of your soil, your grass, and your yard. By using organic fertilizer, the nutrient release is slower and more natural, fewer applications are required, and it encourages microbes and organic matter to form nutrients which are needed for your grass. With non-organic fertilizers, you are using potentially harmful residues and chemicals that cause pollution via rain or irrigation. These chemicals can run-off into other important water supplies and will often be absorbed via evaporation – adding more harmful pollutants into our air. To learn more about the kind of environmentally friendly lawn care practices and services that we can assist with, contact us today!

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Bio Lawn Options

Carbon Positive Soil & Grass Varieties

We work with the soil first, imbuing it with microbial activity to create a strong foundation for life to grow and thrive in. We also introduce low-maintenance, deep-rooted grass varieties that grow up to six feet into the earth, storing tons of carbon dioxide in the process.

The robust combination of deep-rooted grass and high-capacity soil will also store more water that typical lawns. That means your grass will be greener during drought, and you’ll spend less money maintaining it.

Compost Tea – We extract microbes and additional nutrients from the high-quality compost created by our own team of soil experts. The product is called compost tea. It will encourage microbial activity in your soil and enable roots and fungi to grow deep into the earth —thus increasing the lawn’s capacity for carbon and water storage

Deep-Rooted Grass – We introduce the RTF deep-rooted, low-maintenance grass to your lawn. The roots will grow up to six feet into the earth, creating a vibrant network life. This will help your lawn store even more carbon and water, while also fending against weed, insect and grub damage.

What Is RTF Grass?

it’s an acronym for rhizomatous tall fescue. This type of tall fescue looks a lot like bluegrass but needs only 30% less water, is adaptable in a wider range of soil conditions, and grows great in the shade.

  • Beautiful green colour
  • Insect and disease resistant
  • Deep root system 4-6 feet
  • Drought and heat tolerance
  • Shade tolerance
  • Can work in any soil condition
  • Little to no watering is needed
  • Ability to repair itself over time and fill in gaps
  • Creates a dense turf which prevents weed growth

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bio-lawn is a 100% natural and organic fertilizer. It is a great alternative for chemical fertilizers which stimulates microbial life for a healthy, beautiful, and green lawn all year round.
Yes. Bio-lawn fertilizers are intended to preserve and protect our environment from the pollutants found in synthetic fertilizers. All of the ingredients are natural and reduce nutrient run-off during the rain seasons. There are no harmful pollutants that can run-off into other water sources and systems.
In fact, most organic fertilizers are more effective because they contain natural macro and micro nutrients that are essential for healthy grass growth. Inorganic fertilizers deliver a rapid dose of nutrients to your lawn, whereas organic fertilizers move slower and more naturally resulting in a healthier lawn.
Organic ingredients in bio-lawn fertilizers improve the quality of the soil by retaining water and nutrients better to increase the bacteria, microbe, and fungal activity in the soil. With healthier soil comes healthier and greener looking grass.
Some suggestions for maintaining a more eco-friendly lawn include:

– Choosing organic fertilizers
– Watering less often and relying on rain water when possible
– Keeping your grass high and dry
– Start composting
– Mulching your lawn

Carbon sequestration involves the process of managing your land or lawn to absorb and hold more carbon. Using deep rooted grass can help store more water and carbon in your lawn compared to other types of grass.
There is a specific combination of microbes and nutrients that live in finished compost. Extracting these nutrients from compost by steeping compost in water for a day results in compost tea. Using compost tea on your lawn will encourage microbial activity in your soil and help your grass roots grow deeper – increasing the capacity of your lawn to store carbon and water.