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Fall lawn care often gets overlooked because people focus most of their efforts during the spring and summer. If you want a beautiful, healthy, and fully prepped lawn for next spring, fall is the time to start! Caring for your lawn throughout the fall will set the foundation for your yard as early spring approaches.

With our fall lawn care tips, you’ll be sure to have your lawn in tip-top shape – all year long.


fall lawn care with a wheelbarrow full of compost

Feed Your Lawn

Believe it or not, fall might just be the best time of the year to feed your lawn.

As the weather gets colder, the growth of your top grass start to slow while the root systems continue to grow and expand. It’s important to apply fertilizer at just the right time in the fall to make sure that your lawn and plants can still absorb nutrients effectively. Once the ground is frozen and your grass has completely stopped growing, it’s too late.

The most important reason to feed your grass in the fall is to help store nutrients in your lawn over the winter. This helps set a great foundation for when spring rolls around. Once the snow melts, your lawn will tap into the stored nutrients and your lawn will start spring off on the right foot.


a man planting grass seeds as part of his fall lawn care routine

Plant Seeds

If your lawn had a rough year, early fall is a great time to give it a boost.

For those spots on your lawn that just can’t seem to grow the way you want them too, over-seeding in the fall is a possible solution. Over-seeding right after your fall lawn aeration will help new grass to grow in those trouble areas.

Fall is an ideal time of year to seed your lawn, when the evenings are colder and the morning dew is heavy. If you take advantage of this window of opportunity, you can establish new grass growth and create a great base for the upcoming spring. If you need help with aerating your lawn or seeding it, contact us today to get a free quote!


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Keep Watering & Mowing Your Lawn

Lawn growth starts to slow down in the fall, but don’t put that mower away just yet!

Grass continues to grow until the first hard frost, so maintaining your lawn with regular cuts is important. If you let it get too long, it will mat and become more vulnerable to mould over the winter. Cutting your grass too short is also just as bad. Mowing your grass too short curtails the root system, which will affect your lawn ability to withstand cold winter weather.

It’s also important to not starve your lawn of water in the fall. Your grass needs to build up its root system before the winter. So make sure to still water your lawn in the fall.


a lawn mower mowing fall leaves as part of a fall lawn care regime

Mulch Your Leaves 

You need to let your lawn breath!

There’s a common misconception that leaves will insulate your lawn over the winter. In fact, leaving your leaves on the lawn can be very harmful for your grass. Those leaves can block sunlight and trap moisture which will potentially leave you with lawn that will be tough to recover.

Mulching your leaves will help them get decomposed into plant-usable organic matter – providing additional nutrients for your lawn. It will also save you the trouble of raking the leaves and having them end up in a landfill. Raking and blowing the leaves is an alternative, but mowing and mulching your leaves should be your first choice.


Trust Hunt Club East Snow & Lawn With Your Fall Lawn Care 

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Our team of lawn care experts are here to make your life easy. You can enjoy a beautiful lawn without having to break you back to maintain it. As trained professionals, we are able to provide reliable, efficient, and affordable results for your lawn

Whether you need to aerate your lawn, need a lawn mowing services, or need help with seeding your lawn before winter, we’re here to help. Don’t spend your weekends and free time by tending to your lawn, spend it doing the things you enjoy and spend time with your family.

If you’re interested in more fall lawn care tips, or are interested in getting a quote for our services, then reach out to us today. Hunt Club East Snow & Lawn are your locally trusted lawn care service providers in and around the Ottawa area. Contact us for a free quote!