snow blowing driveway in Ottawa Hunt Club East

Cold winters and heavy snowfall are nothing unusual for the Ottawa area. Canadians are used to harsh and snowy winter weather, which doesn’t surprise us even when it comes earlier than expected.

However, this winter could be quite surprising even for Canadians, especially folks in Ottawa and those in Eastern Ontario and the Outaouais.

According to the 2020-21 Winter Outlook by the Canadian Farmers’ Almanac, this winter is expected to be “cold and totally flaky” in Ottawa and the rest of Ontario.

If you reside in the Ottawa area, it’s not too late to line up snow plowing, snow blowing and snow removal services. You wouldn’t want to get snowed in when you least expect it, would you?

The Winter of the Great Divide

The Canadian Farmers’ Almanac dubbed this winter the “Winter of the Great Divide: Wet, white and wild in the west, everything crazy in the east.” Here’s what this rather unusual weather forecast means.

Snow & Cold in the Crazy East

snowy driveway in Ottawa Hunt Club East

Ottawa and Ontario in this extended forecast belong to the crazy east, together with western Quebec.

It’s where very cold temperatures are expected, as well as heavy snowfall that’s above the normal amount the residents in those provinces usually face. Heavy snowfall is especially expected in January, particularly sometime during the second week.

However, according to the report, that’s not how the entire winter will look like in these two provinces. There will also be periods of unusually mild temperatures for this time of year, as well as periods of bitter cold.

Farther to the east, the temperatures should be almost normal for this time of year. The report shows that the coast will be wet, while the inland will be snowy, which might be quite an interesting mix.

Crazy east, indeed.

Mixed Winter Bag Out in the Wild West?

snow blowing driveway in Ottawa Hunt Club EastFrom western Ontario all the way to eastern British Columbia, Canadians should expect cold winter temperatures – much colder than normal.

The forecast also predicts above-normal snow.

Travel farther west across British Columbia down to the Pacific coast, and you’ll find perfectly normal winter weather, with average-to-mild temperatures and a usual mix of rain, snow, and ice.

But that’s out west. Here in Ottawa, we can and will expect a cold, harsh winter as we always do every year.

Arrange Your Ottawa Snow Removal in Time

Ottawa snow removal companies are going to have their hands full this winter.

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