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For a lawn to stay thick, green, and healthy, it needs to breathe. Over time, the shifting seasonal weather in the Ottawa area makes it harder for grass to do so. When the winter snow melts, it leaves a layer of dead grass, known as lawn thatch, from the previous year. The weight of heavy snowfalls also compacts the soil underneath. Both of these factors make it harder for roots and fresh sprouts to absorb the water and carbon dioxide that they need to grow.

That’s where lawn aeration comes in. By pulling small plugs of soil from the grass, and removing lawn thatch, we are able to allow water to access the roots of the grass more easily, and newly sprouting blades of grass to breathe in a crucial stage of their development. This allows the lawn to grow in quicker, thicker and greener and stay that way for the coming year. If you want your lawn to look its best, contact us today to see how our services can help!

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Boost Your Lawn With Bio Lawn Services

Lawn aeration is the first step towards a lush, green lawn. Take it a few steps further with our Bio Lawn services!

We work with the soil first, imbuing it with microbial activity to create a strong foundation for life to grow and thrive in. We also introduce low-maintenance, deep-rooted grass varieties that grow up to six feet into the earth, storing tons of carbon dioxide in the process.

The robust combination of deep-rooted grass and high-capacity soil will also store more water that typical lawns. That means your grass will be greener during drought, and you’ll spend less money maintaining it.

Compost Tea – We extract microbes and additional nutrients from the high-quality compost created by our own team of soil experts. The product is called compost tea. It will encourage microbial activity in your soil and enable roots and fungi to grow deep into the earth —thus increasing the lawn’s capacity for carbon and water storage

Deep-Rooted Grass – We introduce the RTF deep-rooted, low-maintenance grass to your lawn. The roots will grow up to six feet into the earth, creating a vibrant network life. This will help your lawn store even more carbon and water, while also fending against weed, insect and grub damage.

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