house with perfect lawn

Everyone’s seen that ideal lawn, in movies, at sports centers and maybe even on your street. The thick green grass cut to perfection that is always impeccable.

Wondering how your lawn can look like that? This guide will tell you the best way to cut your lawn for that perfect look.

Why is Lawn Cutting Important?

Cutting your lawn regularly allows for more healthy growth in your lawn.person mowing lawn

The healthy blades of grass will grow thicker and stronger for a fuller lawn.

This will also encourage your grass to grow more evenly as the nutrients are spread through the lawn. No more bare patches and yellow grass.

Regular lawn mowing will also make your lawn more resilient when faced with disease or infestation.

But it’s also important not to cut your grass too short. When grass is cut too short it loses all of its nutrients and will turn yellow. Short grass can also become weak and die if cut too short too often.

What is the best way to cut your lawn?

Mowing your lawn once a week is usually the best way to go, but every lawn is different.

lawn mower on fresh cut grassGrass should be kept around 2 ½ inches for good health. When the lawn is around 3 ½ to 4 inches, it’s time to cut it. Cutting the top 1/3 of the grass allows it to make room for new growth while retaining its strength.

Changing the pattern that you mow your lawn can also help improve the appearance of your grass.

If you always mow in the same pattern the grass can start to lean in the direction you mow and create ruts.

Another thing that can change your quality of lawn cutting is the blades in your lawnmower. When the blades get dull, they can weaken your grass causing ragged, brown edges and can even tear up your grass.

A Simple Cut Not Doing the Trick?

a professionally striped lawn

Sometimes even when your grass is green and evenly cut it can still look unkempt.

It could be that all your lawn needs is a nice finish. Lawn edging uses precise grass-cutting tools to trim all the grass surrounding houses, walkways and any other lawn decoration. This helps give your lawn a nice, clean look.

Still, think your lawn could use more? Consider lawn striping!

Lawn striping uses a special machine that rolls weights over the grass to bend it at different angles. This creates stripes on a lawn to improve the aesthetic. Though it’s called lawn striping, this technique can be used to create numerous patterns.

Other Forms of Lawn Care

While a big part of maintaining healthy grass is lawn mowing, there are a few other lawn care practices that can have a big impact, like using fertilizer.

After lawn cutting, a lot of the nutrients your lawn needs are gone. Fertilizer restores nutrients in the grass and promotes a full, strong lawn.

Over time the soil in your lawn compacts making it difficult for air, water and other important nutrients to reach the roots of the grass.

Aeration uses a lawnmower-type tool to make 3-4-inch-deep holes in your lawn. These holes help open up the soil to allow all of the important things to reach the grassroots.

Should You Hire a Lawn Care Service?

There is a lot that goes into maintaining the picture-perfect lawn. Often people try to have a nice lawn, but life gets busy and the lawn ends up being forgotten.

When a lawn isn’t properly cared for it can grow wild, turn yellow or even attract unwanted pests. Hunt Club East Snow and Lawn is committed to helping you get that picture-perfect lawn. Our lawn care experts can come up with the best plan for your lawn. Whether you want simple mowing or more advanced lawn care, Hunt Club East Snow and Lawn is here for you!