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Lawn Striping In Ottawa

Lawn Striping For A Beautiful Looking Lawn

Whether it’s been on a football stadium, golf course, or on someone else’s lawn, we’ve all seen a beautifully striped lawn. The almost hypnotic aesthetic appeal of lawn striping is actually achieved by bending grass at different angles and not by mowing at different lengths. With specialized weighted rolling attachments on a lawn mower, you can bend the grass in a specific pattern that reflects light to create the striped lawn effect.

If you want to add some curb appeal to your property, professional lawn striping can go a long way. You can choose from straight lines, curves, circle, or even checkerboard patterns to create a pleasing aesthetic tone for your lawn. Contact us today to learn more about our lawn striping services in Ottawa!

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What Are The Benefits Of Lawn Striping

Aesthetic Appeal

The main reason that people stripe their lawn is for the visually pleasing effect. Whether you choose to have straight lines, curves, or a checkerboard design, the uniform pattern in which your lawn is striped will create a clean and professional look for your property. The direction in which the grass is bent will determine whether you’re seeing light or dark stripes. If the grass blades are bent away from the perspective of the viewer, the lighter the grass appears, and vice versa.

Lawn Health

As much as lawn striping is visually pleasing, it’s also healthy for your lawn! Lawn striping allows the sun to nourish your lawn evenly because more of the grass becomes exposed to the sun, eliminating uneven spots and ruts. It’s best to alternate the striping patterns every couple of weeks for the best lawn striping effect.

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Bio Lawn Options

Boost Your Lawn With Bio Lawn Services

Regularly cutting your grass will help keep your lawn looking clean and crisp. Along with a regular mowing routine, you can also give your lawn a boost with our bio lawn services for a greener, thicker, and a more carbon positive lawn!

We started with the soil. By imbuing it with microbial activity, we create a strong foundation for life to grow and thrive in. We also offer a variety of low-maintenance, deep-rooted grass varieties that grow up to six feet into the earth – which can store tons of carbon dioxide.

Our robust combination of deep-rooted grass and high-capacity soil will help your lawn to store more water than a typical lawn. That means your grass will be greener during drought, you’ll have to water less frequently, and you’ll spend less money on general lawn maintenance.

Compost Tea – We extract microbes and additional nutrients from the high-quality compost created by our own team of soil experts. The product is called compost tea. It will encourage microbial activity in your soil and enable roots and fungi to grow deep into the earth —thus increasing the lawn’s capacity for carbon and water storage.

Deep-Rooted Grass – We introduce the RTF deep-rooted, low-maintenance grass to your lawn. The roots will grow up to six feet into the earth, creating a vibrant network life. This will help your lawn store even more carbon and water, while also fending against weed, insect and grub damage.

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