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A snowy or icy front walkway can be dangerous – make sure it is reliably cleared so you and your family can get in and out of your Ottawa home without any issues! While we all want a clear walkway, we are often too busy to do it ourselves, or may not want or be able to shovel everything whenever there is snowfall. To help you with this, Hunt Club East Snow & Lawn is proud to offer front walkway clearing services to Hunt Club & Findlay Creek. Get a safe and clear walkway without the sore back or frozen fingers!

While snowplows do a great job at clearing the ice and snow from your driveway, they don’t clear your front steps and walkway. Up to 10,000 Canadians a year are hospitalized due to falls on ice – avoid injuries and make sure your front walkway is clear and safe. Our experienced snow removal team makes sure to clear walkways after snowfalls, making your home more safe. Contact Hunt Club East Snow & Lawn today to get your front walkway reliably cleared this winter!

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What Our Snow Removal & Lawn Care Clients Are Saying


“No complaints!”

When it snows, they clear it. Not sure what more I’d ask for! Their communication is good, they notify you when it will snow and when they’re expecting to clear it by. No complaints!

Vicki Iverson

“Been with them for many years”

Been with Hunt Club East for many years and have had no complaints. Except for that late December when we had 51 cms and they keep my driveway clear so I had no excuses but to go to work! They help to make winter in Ottawa a little more enjoyable.

Paul Norris

“Always the first company out!”

These guys are the best. Been using them for a few years. Always the first company out clearing. My driveway is often done twice before neighbour’s have been cleared at all. Love the email updates too. Highly recommended.

Matt W

“Couldn’t be more pleased!”

Oh, I’m a fan and have been a client for 4 or 5 years. Couldn’t be more pleased. ALL the staff have been responsive, courteous and very professional. Completely happy with the service and the organization. Emails are timely, accurate, useful & written in a clever, friendly manner.

Holly Anderson

“Could not be more satisfied!”

We could not be more satisfied. After each snowfall our driveway was cleared well before we got up in the morning and usually again in the afternoon. We loved the way the company communicated with us, keeping us informed by email of their plans well ahead of any snowstorm.

Gisela Downey

“Great job, always timely!”

We have been customers of Hunt Club East Snow and Lawn for the last several years and have nothing but positive things to say about the snow blowing service they offer. They do a great job, are always timely, their rates are competitive, and they have great proactive email communications.

Duncan Wrighte

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Stress-free Walkway Snow Clearing

Hunt Club & Findlay Creek’s Reliable,
Front Walkway Snow Clearing Service

There’s a reason our clients have consistently rated us as one of Ottawa’s best snow removal services. Find out why your neighbours are so pleased with our services and recommend us to their friends and family! Our friendly and efficient team of snow removal experts come by to clear your walkway with a reliable schedule that you can count on.

Hunt Club East Snow & Lawn offers front walkway clearing for fair prices with an unmatched quality of service. We are proven to be an honest and reliable snow removal company, just check out our reviews to see what customers say about working with us! We send regular emails to keep you informed about snow removal timelines so you can know when to expect us. Contact us today to schedule your front walkway clearing service for this winter!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clearing the walkway is a hassle that you have to do every time it snows. Getting professionals to help you clear your residential walkway It’s easier, less risk of injury, you don’t have to wait and spend time.
Yes you are. The City of Ottawa’s Property Maintenance By-law No. 2005-208 requires owners to clear snow and ice on their property or adjacent to their property, especially if the snow or ice represents a public safety hazard. If someone falls and injures themselves on your unsafe walkway, you may be liable.

In case you’re clearing the snow on your driveway and walkway by yourself, our team of snow removal experts share some tips that can help everybody get through the winter months safely. Some of these practices include:

  • Not pushing snow and ice onto the street or sidewalks
  • Keeping fire hydrants free of snow
  • Opening catch and drain basins in front of your property during milder winter weather

For more helpful snow removal and snow clearing tips, or to hire someone to clear your snow for you, contact the team at Hunt Club East Snow & Lawn. We’re here to help!

The snow removal experts at Hunt Club East Snow & Lawn suggest using a mixture of salt and sand. An 80/20 ratio of salt to sand is ideal to melt snow quickly with more salt but also to provide additional traction until the salt starts to work. This mixture also helps reduce excessive run-off of salts into the storm sewer systems.

Check the weather forecast frequently. The best way to prevent ice build-up on your sidewalk, walkway, or driveway is to pre-treat them before the snow or rain falls. This will allow you to use less salt and sand and can prevent ice formation.

If your property is already covered in ice, a combination of salt and sand will help provide traction and also will melt the ice. We advise that you take extra caution if your driveway or walkway is already covered in ice!

The city of Ottawa has by-laws that require owners to clear the snow and ice on their property and the sidewalks adjacent to their property as well. If someone gets injured on your property because of your failure to clear your snow, you may be held liable.

You can also report un-shovelled and uncleared properties to the city of Ottawa. They will inspect a property and issues a notice to the resident. If the property owner fails to comply, the city can have the snow removed and issue an invoice to the resident.

The quality, pricing, and timing of snow removal services vary from one business to the next. The most important things to consider is your budget, the services that they offer, and whether or not they can satisfy your snow removal needs. Some good questions to consider include:

  • How often can they remove the snow from your property?
  • Do they have a trusted brand with great reviews?
  • Can they plow driveways and also remove snow from walkways and sidewalks?
  • How readily available are their services?

Our best suggestion is to shop around and compare prices and services. The cheapest snow removal services might not always be your best option – in fact, they most often won’t be. Contact our team if you have any questions about our snow removal services and to get a free quote!

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