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Laying sod is one of the quickest and easiest ways to restore a lawn that has seen better days. Despite your best lawn care efforts, grass can die off, leaving an eyesore of a lawn that is patchy and uneven. Spreading grass seeds can help, as long as the local birds and other animals don’t eat them before they can take root. Then there is also the waiting game you have to play while the new sprouts grow and fill out those patches. Skip all of that by having your local lawn care experts at Hunt Club East Snow & Lawn take care of laying new sod and restoring your lawn to pristine condition. Our RTF sod is the best choice for this because of how durable, versatile and low-maintenance the grass is.

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What is RTF Grass?

RTF is an acronym for Rhizomatous Tall Fescue. This type of grass is our top choice for all lawns in the Hunt Club & Findlay Creek area. RTF grass looks very similar to bluegrass which is the most common type of grass in the area, but is much more resilient, and far more low-maintenance than bluegrass is.

It starts with the root system. RTF grass develops a strong and deep root system. It reaches depths of 4 to 6 feet, which is anywhere from 8 to 18 times deeper than bluegrass roots. Because of this, RTF grass is able to pull water and nutrients from the soil more effectively. RTF grass also needs 30% less water than bluegrass meaning that once the sod has taken root, it will need little-to-no watering.

RTF grass is incredibly resilient as well. It is resistant to insects and disease, drought and heat resistant, and can tolerate long periods of shade. It can grow well in any kind of soil condition and grows in thick which will prevent weeds from taking root in the lawn.

If you are looking for sod for your lawn, look no further than our RTF sod, and trust your local lawn care experts at Hunt Club East Snow & Lawn to place the sod quickly and professionally so your lawn can look amazing right away! Click the button below to get started!

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Bio Lawn Options

Boost Your Lawn With Bio Lawn Services

RTF sod will make your lawn look amazing again. Take it a few steps further, and give your sod a boost with our Bio Lawn services!

We work with the soil first, imbuing it with microbial activity to create a strong foundation for life to grow and thrive in. We also introduce low-maintenance, deep-rooted grass varieties that grow up to six feet into the earth, storing tons of carbon dioxide in the process.

The robust combination of deep-rooted grass and high-capacity soil will also store more water that typical lawns. That means your grass will be greener during drought, and you’ll spend less money maintaining it.

Compost Tea – We extract microbes and additional nutrients from the high-quality compost created by our own team of soil experts. The product is called compost tea. It will encourage microbial activity in your soil and enable roots and fungi to grow deep into the earth —thus increasing the lawn’s capacity for carbon and water storage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sod, otherwise known as turf grass, is sections of pre-grown grass which is bound together and applied in strips. It’s harvested into rolls and is held together by the grass roots and a thin layer of soil.

The first day that you should mow your freshly applied sod should be roughly 2 weeks after installation. Make sure to check on the progress that your lawn has made before mowing.

It’s common practice that your sod was fertilized before it was harvested and installed, therefore, you should wait for about a month for your sod to establish its roots before you consider applying granular fertilizer.

You can start watering your lawn every other day after about 3 weeks following sod installation. To maximize the amount of water that your sod absorbs, you should water in the morning or later in the evening.

RTF sod (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue) is an advanced type of turf grass which produces rhizomes. The rhizomes help build an underground stem and root system which results in a grass that is more resilient and requires less maintenance.

A sod installation includes the basic labour that is required to apply the sod. This includes: distributing growth fertilizer, unrolling, placing, and packing the sod, and a full clean-up of your property after sod installation.