A fresh bed of sparkling white snow may look beautiful, but it can be a hassle to shovel in the morning.

The last thing any homeowner wants is to slip on the icy surface or to have their car stuck in the snow. It’s necessary to remove the snow from your walkways and driveway after a heavy snowfall to ensure safety and ease of movement.

There are two main snow removal options to choose from, each one designed for a specific type of driveway. The most important determining factor is how big the space that needs to be cleared off is.

Although snow plowing and snow blowing services both offer the same result, there are a few major differences between the two procedures.

Snow Plowing

A snowplow is essentially a curved or angled metal blade attached to the front end of a truck.truck with snow plow removing snow from street

The blade will scrape and push the snow off of the driveway, leaving huge piles of snow on the side of the lawn. When the right vehicle is used, snow plowing is an incredibly quick process, leaving you with clear driveways in no time.

People with long driveways benefit from the efficiency of a snowplow, as large volumes of snow can be removed quickly. However, there is low visibility at ground level for the person operating the plow, risking the chance of plowing over small items and damaging property.

Additionally, any loose bricks on the driveway may be caught on the blade and be ripped off the ground.

Snow Blowing

As the name implies, snow blowing involves a machine equipped with a rotating spiral blade that picks up the snow and blows it from the side.

snow blower being used to remove thick layer of snow from driveway

Unlike a snowplow, snow blowers are independent and do not need to be attached to a truck. Instead, the machine is operated by a user pushing it from behind, maneuvering it around the driveway to clear the snow.

Snowblowers can come in different sizes, allowing the machine to clear off small and hard-to-reach areas. Since the user is on ground level, they can see everything, reducing the risk of damaging property.

Although the smaller size of the snowblower is beneficial for clearing away small spaces, removing snow from long driveways will take some time. Depending on the strength of the snow blower, it may take more time to clear a driveway if there has been heavy snowfall.

Snow Removal Services in Ottawa

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