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Fresh Sod Installation

It takes a long time for grass to grow and mature into a lush lawn when you start with grass seeds. Sod is grass that has already started to grow on a sod farm and chopped into squares to make it easier to install. It is favoured over grass seeds for this reason and the faster returns make it worthwhile.

Each type of grass has its own form of Sod
If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you might think that all grass is the same. This isn’t true because different types of grass grow and thrive in different conditions. Some grasses are stronger and better equipped to resist foot traffic and other wear and tear than others. This knowledge necessitates specialised maintenance procedures.

There are different types of sods for different climates and different local areas . Contact us at Hunt Club East Lawn Care Services to find out which type of sod is ideal for your yard.

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Professional Sod Installation

A homeowner or business owner may believe they can install their own turf or sod, but this is a common misconception. Installing new sod grass is usually a lot more work than many people believe. Incorrect installation, or even forgetting a few key stages while rolling out new turf can result in fresh grass that quickly withers and becomes uneven. Call Hunt Club East Lawn Care Services and put your trust in our landscapers!

Re-Sodding Services
Contact us at Hunt Club East Lawn Care Services if your grass is looking aged or has become overrun by weed. We provide re-sodding services to keep your lawn looking lush and gorgeous once more.

To provide your lawn a fresh and healthy foundation for development, our crew uses the highest quality sod laid on top of a premium blend of screened peat, topsoil and compost. With us, you’ll have a beautiful, lush and thick grass that will last for years in no time!

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Bio Lawn Options

Boost Your Lawn With Bio Lawn Services

RTF sod will make your lawn look amazing again. Take it a few steps further, and give your sod a boost with our Bio Lawn services!

We work with the soil first, imbuing it with microbial activity to create a strong foundation for life to grow and thrive in. We also introduce low-maintenance, deep-rooted grass varieties that grow up to six feet into the earth, storing tons of carbon dioxide in the process.

The robust combination of deep-rooted grass and high-capacity soil will also store more water that typical lawns. That means your grass will be greener during drought, and you’ll spend less money maintaining it.

Compost Tea – We extract microbes and additional nutrients from the high-quality compost created by our own team of soil experts. The product is called compost tea. It will encourage microbial activity in your soil and enable roots and fungi to grow deep into the earth —thus increasing the lawn’s capacity for carbon and water storage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sod, otherwise known as turf grass, is sections of pre-grown grass which is bound together and applied in strips. It’s harvested into rolls and is held together by the grass roots and a thin layer of soil.

The first day that you should mow your freshly applied sod should be roughly 2 weeks after installation. Make sure to check on the progress that your lawn has made before mowing.

It’s common practice that your sod was fertilized before it was harvested and installed, therefore, you should wait for about a month for your sod to establish its roots before you consider applying granular fertilizer.

You can start watering your lawn every other day after about 3 weeks following sod installation. To maximize the amount of water that your sod absorbs, you should water in the morning or later in the evening.

RTF sod (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue) is an advanced type of turf grass which produces rhizomes. The rhizomes help build an underground stem and root system which results in a grass that is more resilient and requires less maintenance.

A sod installation includes the basic labour that is required to apply the sod. This includes: distributing growth fertilizer, unrolling, placing, and packing the sod, and a full clean-up of your property after sod installation.