Person installing RTF grass on lawn in Ottawa

A healthy and fresh-looking lawn is on everyone’s lawn care wish list. 

Choosing to install sod is a great place to start. However, figuring out which type is best for your lawn is where most people are stumped. 

RTF grass or ‘Rhizomatous Tall Fescue’  is a type of sod that produces rhizomes. Rhizomes are underground stems that penetrate through the soil to spread the plant. It is similar in nature to bluegrass which is a common grass in the area. 

RTF grass has many benefits and requires far less maintenance.

Benefits of RTF Grass 

Healthy RTF grass lawn in Ottawa

Hunt Club East Snow and Lawn believes that RTF grass is the best choice for your lawn based on the following benefits:

Resilient by Nature 

RTF grass is strong as a result of its rapid development of a deep root system. Its resilience also leads to:

  • Excellent tolerance of varying temperatures (drought & heat-resistant)
  • Grows well in any kind of soil condition
  • Resistant to insects and disease 

Grows in the Shade

Various types of sod are more prosperous than others based on the climate zone that they are planted in. The Ottawa area is located in a transition zone climate, to which RTF grass responds well. RTF grass can tolerate long periods of shade and will not brown out during summer heatwaves.  


a mans hand evaluating the feel of his RTF lawn

Thickness and Colour

RTF grass grows in thick which leaves your lawn feeling soft to the touch and gentle on bare feet. This level of density also prevents weeds from rooting in your lawn. 

RTF grass presents nicely during the cooler months and returns to a rich green colour in early spring. 

Self-Repairing Sod

As mentioned above, rhizome stems spread throughout the soil. As a result, they quickly fill in damaged or open spots that might naturally occur over the years. 

This also means that RTF grass has a high tolerance for foot traffic



Eco-Friendly Grass

water sprinklers spraying water over a green lawnRTF sod stems spread deep into the soil to create an extensive root system. This gives your RTF lawn the ability to draw moisture from a deep soil profile and will allow you to use less watersaving you money and helping preserve our natural resources. RTF sod also has exceptional tolerance for long periods of extreme heat and droughts.

On average, RTF grass can be maintained in excellent condition with using 15-30% less water compared to other types of cool season grasses. As a whole, RTF sod requires less maintenance, including: less weeding, overseeding, and watering.

RTF lawns are also the eco-friendly option for your lawn because of its self-repairing functions, resiliency, and ability to grow in hot climates. These characteristics reduce the need for using chemicals and fertilizers, which can pollute our waterways. Choosing RTF sod will help reduce your carbon footprint and ensure that you have an eco-friendly lawn alternative.



How to Care for RTF Grass 

Mowing RTF lawn after installation

Proper maintenance & care is important to ensure the long-term health of your lawn. Luckily, RTF grass requires less overall maintenance than other sod/grass options.

Watering Your RTF Grass

Upon installation, RTF grass should be watered thoroughly to ensure that the root system can develop. Frequent watering is recommended until it is well integrated with the soil. Once it is well established less watering is needed to maintain its beautiful green colour. 

Mowing RTF Lawn

After installation, the first time you mow your RTF lawn should only happen once it is well established and the roots cannot be easily lifted from the ground. Mowing at least once a week will help maintain its health and appearance. Hunt Club East Snow and Lawn offers lawn care services across various Ottawa communities.

Our highly skilled and experienced crews are equipped to help you with all your RTF lawn care needs!


Why Hunt Club East Snow and Lawn’s RTF Grass Is the Best Choice 

Installing RTF Grass in Ottawa

Before installing RTF grass, our crews work with your soil first to create a strong foundation for the sod to grow in. Our crews then place sod quickly and efficiently leaving your lawn looking fresh and amazing. 

The combination of RTF grass and our soil preparation allows your lawn to store more moisture than most. This means your grass will be greener during drier weather and you’ll spend less time and money maintaining it. We extract microbes and additional nutrients from our in house “compost tea” that will be added to your soil. It will encourage microbial activity in the soil to increase your lawn’s capacity to store even more water.

Our deep rooted RTF sod is the perfect solution to have a beautiful looking lawn that requires less maintenance than other alternatives. Contact us to learn more about our bio lawn services for RTF grass in the Ottawa area!